1. To provide training pertaining to the issues of CBMs, CR and PS.
  2. To embark on networking to the concerned individuals and institutions of South Asia and abroad on the theme(s) of the Program.
  3. To seek meaningful interaction with similar programs outside South Asia and to exchange ideas with concerned individuals and institutions on the themes related to CBMs, CR and PS.
  4. To take initiative for discussing the curricula related to CBMs, CR and PS and other related subjects taught in various Pakistani and South Asian Universities and Colleges.
  5. To organize workshops and seminars so as to create awareness on the issues engulfing the people of South Asia on the sources and implications of conflicts.
  6. To publish various reports and studies related to the theme(s) of the Program.
  7. To publish a newsletter under the Program.
  8. To launch a discussion group on the internet concerning the theme(s) of the Program.
  9. To promote research and studies on CBMs, CR and Peace Studies in local languages.
  10. To influence the policy-making process in South Asia.