This course aims to examine in depth the subjects of peace studies and conflict resolution. It also strives to expose course participants to historical and contemporary issues of peace studies and conflict resolution, including the emergence of the two subjects. In view of the enormous significance and importance of the need for creating awareness among people for peace, attempts will be made to examine linkage between peace and conflict resolution with particular reference to the role of state, organizations, civil society, media research think tanks.


Origins of peace studies as a separate discipline

Concepts, theories and approaches of peace

The contribution of peace movements and peace groups

The role of State, society and various institutions for strengthening the field of peace studies

Peace studies in international and regional perspectives

Impediments to peace

Non-Violence and Peace

Security and Peace

Linkage between peace studies and conflict resolution

Impediments for establishing the culture of Peace

Peace studies in South Asia

Major issues in peace studies and the challenges ahead


Definitions of Conflict Resolution (CR) and  Conflict Management (CM) Conflict Transformation, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Provention

Types of conflict and their relevance in contemporary era

Basic concepts, approaches  and theories of CR

Roads to CR:  Negotiations, Bargaining, Mediation, Arbitration, Adjudication

CR research, CR simulation exercises, CR workshop

The role of conflict resolution centers and institutes

6.  Case studies of CR

Major players in the resolution of conflict

The process of CR in Pakistan




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